It's where Pink find a girlfriend.

  • I kinda failed... BTW, this is Cheyanna.
  • Well, that's a bit more good.
  • Not quite...
  • Almost...
  • Much better! Something's missing...
  • Perfect! It took me forever on this one!
Pink: (walking and whistling)

???: (does skateboard tricks, sees Pink and waves)

Pink: (waves back)

???: (takes off helmet and hair comes down, starts walking towards Pink) Hi. My name's Cheyanna. What's yours?

Pink: (he doesn't say anything)

Cheyanna: Oh. I guess you don't talk very much.

(A black portal appeares and it sucks them in.)

Cheyanna: Ow! That hurt my tail!

Pink: Ow! Mine too!

Cheyanna: Oh, so you do talk!

Pink: Well, I had nothing to say. (a hole opens and drops two more panthers)

???: Ugh, ow...

Cheyanna: Hey, they look like us! Sort of. Purple girl, who are you?

???: I'm Cheyanna. But I went by Shanna since I was 18.

Cheyanna: Oh my gosh, it's older us!

Pink: It's us as adults!

Shanna: Did I really dress like that?

Cheyanna: Am I really gonna dress like that?

Shanna: Yes. You'll realize they have nothing else in your size. (picks up Cheyanna)

Cheyanna: Hey! Put me down! Put me down uh... me!

Shanna: No. Not until you read this book.

Cheyanna: Huh? "Wings of Fire, The Brightest Night" Oh my gosh! But this won't come out till next month!

Shanna: I finished it when I was 16, so I thought I might give it to you.

Cheyanna: Omigosh omigosh omigosh! (opens book and starts reading) This is amazing!

I'll try to finish it later.

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