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The clever Pink Panther.

The Pink Panther is the main character and protagonist in Pink Panther and Pals. From the original series, he has been downaged to a teenager.

Relatives Edit

Mr. Panther

Mrs. Panther

Unnamed sister

Enemies Edit

Big Nose


Early yearsEdit

The Pink Panther in the original series was much different than in the new TV series on Cartoon Network. Instead, the older Pink Panther seemed to be an adult.

Much time has passed, and the Pink Panther seemed to have some parts on his appearance.

Role in Pink Panther and PalsEdit

Pinky has seemed to be downaged to a teenager to the series, but the cartoon still keeps his cleverness.

Roles with other charactersEdit

Big NoseEdit

Main article: Big Nose

Big Nose has never liked the Pink Panther in the original series, and now, he likes him even less! Big Nose always tries to ruin what he is doing whenever he annoys Big Nose.

Big Nose's DogEdit

Being the dimwitted pet of Big Nose, he sometimes finds himself in situations with Pinky.'and his a monster/crazy dog in the episode " A Pink and Stormy Night "

The HorseEdit

Main article: The Horse

Occupation: Pink Panther's Horse
Gender: Male
Friends: Pink Panther and a unknown-name female horse (Pink on the Hoof)
Enemies: Big Nose
Relatives: Pink Panther (Owner)

Pinky seems to sometimes get a bit frustrated with the horse, but they are still friendly with each other.