Pink Up the Volume is the first episode released for the TV series, Pink Panther and Pals, as well as the first Pink Panther segment in the series..


The story stars out on a peacful neighborhood. A bird flies up to the window of a house and begins whistling, only to lose his feathers and get "shushed" by Dreyfus (aka big nose) who is wearing a purple robe. The window crashes on Dreyfus' snout, giving him a red browse. Soon after, Big Nose went back to work on his ship in a bottle, only to be disturbed by his dog's wimpering in his sleep. As soon as things become quiet, he continues working, only to be disturbed by the sound of a drum, electric guitar and a cello. The Pink Panther is playing them. So, he tries various different instruments to try and be quiet, like calling the police but they join him. Dreyfus and the canine drive a car into a fairy, then a plane. It falls and parachutes in the mountains. They arrive in a cabin but Big Nose's Dog dances with a polar bear and a moose head. As a result, Big Nose has yelled loud enough to turn red.

Characters in episodeEdit


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