In Pink Panther and Pals. a theme seen in most episodes involving a character bursting into tears through variety means.

List Edit

Episode Reason

  • Pink Magic Big Nose cries and Pink puts a blame on him.
  • Shop-Pink Spree Big Nose bursts into tears when pizza topping falls off the pizza slice onto his tummy.
  • Wild Pinkdom A Girl cries on a horse when Big Nose took photos of her.
  • And Not A Drop to Pink Baby Big Nose cries when Pinky tries to calm him down.
  • Pink Kahuna A Little Girl bursts into tears when Pink walks at the beach. That sounded like Kate from Arthur.
  • Frosted Pink Big Nose bursts into tears whilst at the shop.

Reception Edit

Big Nose cried in two episodes and once as a baby in the episode. Big Nose is a crybaby of this.

Trivia Edit

  • In Pink Kahuna, the little girl's crying voice sounds like Baby Kate from Arthur.
  • Big Nose cries in three episodes and once as a baby.
  • The crying sound used for the girl on the pony in Wild Pinkdom was later used in the kinder egg toy surprise/opening videos on YouTube.

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