The White Guy, aka Little Man (known as Big Nose in the series) is a character in Pink Panther and Pals who appears as the main antagonist in the Pink Panther segments. He's white in coloration and has a big nose sticking out from his face. He doesn't wear clothing(Only in certain episodes).

Changes from the original Pink Panther In the original Pink Panther series, Big Nose was known as the Little Man in the old Pink Panther (1964-1980). In both the original series and Pink Panther and Pals, he still gets annoyed by The Pink Panther.

Name: Big Nose (Little Man in Pink Panther 1964-1980)
Colour: White
Friends: The Clumsy Dog (pet)
Love Interests: Big Nose's Girlfriend
Enemies: All (Except Friends)
Pets: The Funky Dog(pet)
Occupation: Various Jobs
Interests: Getting rid of the Pink Panther, getting everything he wants and being grumpy.
First Appearence: The Pink Phink


  • He is the second character to have changes from the originaly series, the first being the Pink Panther.
  • He frequently appears with Dog in the series, as its owner.